Saturday, May 7, 2011

py360 - An example to print out gamertags

EDIT: The code below is obsolete check github for an updated version.

To help people get started with py360 I written a simple example (simple at least compared to takes an Xbox 360 disk image and prints out the gamertags of all the profiles present.

It produces output like:
Gamertag: Han Solo, Type: Gold (Paid)
Gamertag: Chewbacca, Type: Silver (Free)

The code is simple enough that I've included it below, it's also now in the git repository.

# An example of using py360 to extract all the GamerTags on a drive.

# Where does this data live?
# GamerTags are inside the Account block of a user STFS container
# located on the XTAF partition. 

# How do you find user STFS containers?
# Gamer profiles are located in the /Content directory in subdirectories
# named with 16 hex characters starting with an 'E' such as
# E00012DD5A4FAEE5. The STFS container is located in the 
# FFFE07D1/00010000 subdirectory and is named the same as the
# profile directory.
# Example: /Content/E00012DD5A4FAEE5/FFFE07D1/00010000/E00012DD5A4FAEE5 

from py360 import partition, stfs, account
import sys

# First, open the xbox 360 image
part = partition.Partition(sys.argv[1])

# Second, find profile STFS containers
for directory in part.allfiles['/Content'].files:
  if len(directory) == 16 and directory[0] == 'E':
    # Open each STFS container and look for the Account block
    # The STFS class can take either an actual file or a file-like object,
    # we're using an file-like object to avoid having to use a temp file.
    path = '/Content/%s/FFFE07D1/00010000/%s' % (directory, directory)

    # This test is to exclude deleted profiles and defunct directories
    if path in part.allfiles:
      profile = stfs.STFS(filename = None, fd = part.open_fd(path))

      # The account block is always at /Account in the STFS archive
      # we'll read it in, decode it and then print out the gamertag
      acc = account.Account(profile.read_file(profile.allfiles['/Account']))
      print "Gamertag: %s, Type: %s" % (acc.get_gamertag(), acc.live_type)

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