Friday, May 26, 2023

New Avalon on a semi-hiatus

 After roughly a year of working unsuccessfully to secure funding I'm putting New Avalon on the backburner for a while. We talked to more than 50 publishers, venture capitalists, other investors, consultants and other experts looking for a way to support development but in the current climate there's not a lot of appetite for risk, especially from a new team without an advanced prototype.

I'm planning on pushing the project forward in my spare time in the hopes that we can one day get the band back together and find some funding once we're a little bit further along. In the mean time I've accepted a job at Odyssey Interactive to work tech on Omega Strikers and anything else they cook up, I did some contract work for them last year and they're a great bunch!

As a parting gift, here are two pieces of early concept art from our work at New Avalon. To the right is the brilliant character work from Yishu Ci ( and below is the amazing robots from Esther Wu ( I hope I get to work with them both again!

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