Sunday, December 27, 2009

Twitter as a Vector for Disinformation

Earlier this year I wrote a paper about disinformation on Twitter, basically the potential for people to spread lies and shape opinion with Twitter. Like the EVE paper I've started polishing it before submitting it to a journal and though that I'd share my draft with you all. There's stuff about swine flu, the US economic stimulus package, plane crashes and terrorism! How can you not love it?

Twitter as a Vector for Disinformation
Twitter is a social network that represents a powerful information channel with the potential to be a useful vector for disinformation. This paper examines the structure of the Twitter social network and how this structure has facilitated the passing of disinformation both accidental and deliberate. Examples of the use of Twitter as an information channel are examined from recent events. The possible effects of Twitter disinformation on the information sphere are explored as well as the defensive responses users are developing to protect against tainted information.

Update: This paper was published in Volume 9, Issue 1 of the Journal of Information Warfare. The full citation is:
Chamberlain, P. R. (2010). Twitter as a Vector for Disinformation. Journal of Information Warfare 9:1, 11-17.

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